Jerusalem Middle East Reconciliation International

Jerusalem MERIT is an organisation that exists primarily to provide relief and humanitarian aid for the Iraqi refugee community residing in Jordan and to facilitate interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution amongst the Jewish, Arab and Christian communities. The main projects of Jerusalem MERIT include the provision of comprehensive educational, medical and spiritual support for the Iraqi refugee community, the implementation of a food aid project, and the provision of housing assistance to Iraqi refugee families. Jerusalem MERIT also supports its ambassador, The Reverend Canon Dr Andrew White, in the continuation of a long, established history of international peace and reconciliation work whose aim is to advise, educate and bring peace to areas of conflict.

From the Desk of Andrew White


Welcome to our new web page ‘From the Desk of Canon Andrew White’. This will give you the first-hand opportunity to read my latest political and religious articles, Biblical reflections and updates on my work and ministry. I will also post news-based articles from the trustees and directors of the Jerusalem MERIT team. This section…

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Current Projects



The Messihi School (‘Messihi’ being Arabic for Christian) operates in the suburb of Marka in Amman.


Israel / Palestine

The ambassador, Canon White, has links with the Orthodox Jewish Community as well as with various churches in Jerusalem.


United Kingdom

Jerusalem MERIT is based in the UK which is one of the principal areas for raising both funds and awareness.



Jerusalem MERIT’s team is often invited to speak at locations and events around the world.