Jordan Projects

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The Messihi School

The Messihi School (‘Messihi’ being Arabic for Christian) operates in the suburb of Marka in Amman. It was established by Canon Andrew in 2014 for the Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing to Jordan at the time. The school uses the premises of an established Catholic School and the school day starts once the Catholic school finishes. The school has just under 300 students aged from four to sixteen. All the teachers and staff are volunteers. For further information, please contact the UK base.

The Amman Clinic

Twice a week, the St. Luke’s Greek Orthodox Medical Clinic in Amman opens its doors to the Iraqi refugee community, providing free medical treatment for these people. The patients are bussed in from poorer suburbs of Amman, and the clinic has fully qualified doctors and nurses who volunteer their time.

Housing Assistance

Jerusalem MERIT supports various refugee families in paying their rentals costs and in improving their living accommodation